Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back, at last!

Well, it's been quite a while since I've found myself with time to actually do something interesting! Over the past few months, I have had interesting times, just not time to write about them! Fall Break is the perfect opportunity to do so :) And since I'm with one of my favorite people on Earth, I'm a super happy girl! Camper days are very long days, and I have ample amounts of time to do whatever my little heart pleases! First I want to say that Jeffrey knows the way to my heart! Look what I found in the shower---all my favorite products!
There were a few more surprises upon my arrival that honestly made me giggle!! But what can I say, He's a hard worker! 

Saturday Night dinner at West Texas Roadhouse. It's a mix with Logan's (peanuts on floor) and some other steakhouses! It was tasty :)                                                                                                            

We found crayons :) The couple in the background sure do look as if they are in an in depth conversation. 

Sunday was a Funday and we had a good one :) It was such a relaxing, enjoyable day! 

The "Lube Tube" was a must have! 

Quaker Steak was an awesome place! I saw the chairs with the TN licences plate and I had to have a picture of it. 

Baby got some new boots! These weren't the exact ones, but you know! 

I'll be writing again! Very soon! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tickin' Away

So instead of whining about all the things I'm gonna miss being on the road with Jeffrey, I'm going to focus on the benefits of this time together and the future!

I have really enjoyed my time with Jeffrey! I've enjoyed making delish dinners and running daily errands to make his life cush! I've gotten parts for the truck :), fixed and cleaned the washing machine. I've enjoyed discovering new meals, I'm pretty good at it, I might add. I've enjoyed discovering new places! I've enjoyed the awning on the camper (it was just put out this week!). I'm going out with a bang none the less. This week we are having great meals for dinner! Tacos, Sauerkraut & Weenies, and Minute steaks! I'm also making breakfast everyday, too! Last night, we had Hamburger steaks (with mushrooms and onions), salad, deviled eggs, baked potatoes (cooked via Crock pot), and Bisquick Cheese-Garlic biscuits. For breakfast, we will be having 2 rounds of Pepperoni Rolls, Sausage and Biscuits, and PANCAKES!!!

In addition to preparing food during the day, I've also been working on "ridding" the camper of me :) Lol! I have issues with hair loss! I shed. And Jeffrey notices. I always feel that I'm cleaning up hair. So, I'm deep cleaning this week!

Jeffrey always amazes me! He had a rain out this weekend and it allowed for us to spend good times together! I don't know when it hit him that I was leaving this week, but it did! So, we went to the movies and dinner (Ted and Cheddar's), and the Casino (slots, racetrack, and Bistecca-Fine Dining). Good Times for sure.

I am incredibly sad that I'll be heading back to work! Rest and Relaxation can do a body and mind good! I truly believe my forehead wrinkle is going away!!! Jeffrey will have more time to work and not worry about me being alone all day. That's about the only benefit he has of me leaving.

Before watching TED. His choice.

Elevator :)

Jame Jame.

Letting Lose. See next pic.

Lost. Real Fast.

Horses with Buggies :)
I felt bad snapping pics, but dinner was amazing. Words can't describe. This piece of cheesecake did it in! We were real Sleepy.......

Love ya!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sunday, Funday!

One of the best things about being in a new place is the opportunity to learn about new things! Being a teacher, I love to be able to bring new and exciting things back to my students and share it with them! This past Sunday, we were out riding around and Jeffrey wanted to show me the Sheehan Yard, an Old Penitentiary, and stuff he sees everyday! The Pen was really hot, but right across the street was a WV State Museum. We toured the site and it was really neat!

We started off our day with breakfast@ Schlepp's. It's a home-cookin' restaurant across the street from our campsite! Yummy!

This is good information-Better than I could have given you!
The Pen. It covers 10 acres.
Before Heading up!

A garden with examples of how the Native Americans lived.

Walking Up, Looking down! Good Pic of the Pen.
Of course it was a race to get to the top, and the boys beat the girls! What's new?
Beautiful view at the top! The mountains looked amazing :)
Jamie in a telephone booth. How appropriate! Of course we stopped for ice cream!

So... in conclusion, Moundsville, WV is named because of the Indian Mounds found there! Hope you have a great day!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Back Again!

I really don't have a fabulous title for today! It's been a while since I've had a recent post. Nothing really has been so fabulous until today! I got some great news from a friend and I couldn't be happier :)

Being away from home is a good thing! Jeffrey and I were discussing it the other night and it's just a great time to think about things! You're removed, somewhat, from drama and you have a lot of time to think! I'm a thinker for sure! I've been able to try lots of new things, and learn about a lot too! I've tried my hand at cooking a few new things. I've been venturing in to the world of blogging! Oh my, I've been pinning, too!

Do you play Words with Friends? Hit me up! ZINGY has been one of best words yet!

This is Weston's Truck. All alone, not my favorite sight. See Next:
Love seeing this truck parked beside it! Lunch box in hand! This week there have been a lot of late nights. Like 9:15pm late for him getting in! :(

With a campground of 44 available lots, we are accompanied by 22 other campers! Yes, I count them while walking! Daily!
Baskets!!!!! I've been looking for these for months! Target!! Very Affordable!

I want this for our living room at home! I'll be getting it ASAP when I return to TN!!! Target, also.

A beautiful view of Olgebay Park, in WV. We stopped here on the 4th of July! Amazing!!!

THis weekend, I hope to visit Barkcamp State Park. I'll let you know how that goes!
Oh, the places you go! -Dr. Seuss

I hope you all have a great weekend! Love ya!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lessons Learned

The title of this post mean many things. As everyone knows, when you are out of your comfort one, you're faced with many obstacles. I know this may sound crazy, but before my stay with Jeffrey, I had to do some mental preparation. No, I'm not crazy, I just had to prepare myself that things weren't going to be easy and I'd have to make do. Here are a few things that are not so obviously different:

1.) You shower in 15 min or less, or else you have no hot water.
2.) You aren't cooking in your kitchen at home :) More info on this!
3.) The things you wash in the washing machine aren't what you'd normally put together
4.) Items are in different locations in the grocery store, and different isles at Wal-Mart. This can be really frustrating, trust me!

Now, you are probably thinking to yourself. Duh Jamie, this is what you get when you move away. But, I'm not complaining, PROMISE! Being out of your element brings many things to light. I have realized that maybe I need to adapt to the ways of the people/society that I encounter, instead of ridiculing them for not seeing other ways. So, with all of that in mind. I've decided to take new approaches to daily life. Step 1-left overs for dinner. Why you ask? Because yesterday I learned that in order to have a yummy, tasty roast, it has to be cooked for a long time! Not just 3 hours like the pork tenderloin J cooked on Sunday!

I saw a quote that really hit home and it said "Not all who wander are lost''- Unknown. I'm discovering more about life everyday!

I really don't have anything incredibly exciting to share. This weekend was a very pleasant one :) Just normal things happened. Weston's girlfriend, Ariel, and I went to the laundry mat on Saturday. Fancy machines! I didn't know how to operate them! Lol! We had steaks and salad for dinner. Sunday was relaxing. We had a visit from Aaron and James. They were passing through, headed back to PA.

I've realized I should have captured more of the small moments with my camera to share. Learn something new everyday! Hope you have a great one! More to come!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Camper Livin'

After talking to a good friend yesterday, I decided to share with you what it's like living on the road. My friend was very inquisitive as to what it's like living in a camper. So, with my best effort, I'm going to give you a detailed description of what it's like.

Jeffrey's camper is the first and only camper that I've had the opportunity to live in. I do believe that he and I are both very lucky to have such a nice place to live while away from home. The camper is 38 feet long and a 5th wheel. I would compare it to living in a single wide trailer with 1 bed/1 bath. Very snotty I know, but I don't feel I'd do a good job in anything smaller. We have a Queen size bed, 2 recliners, Direct TV, Internet, stove, washer and dryer, oven, microwave, nice size fridge, hot and cold water, and need I mention 2 AC units :). The camper has 3 slides, this means that once you get settled, 3 parts of the camper slides out and gives you extra room! There isn't really much more I'd need to be any happier on the road. Everyday there are a few things I have to get accomplished. The following are things I feel necessary to complete. I promise there is no pressure from J! He works very hard and while I'm here, I feel it's the least I can do! When he gets off work, I like for him to have a bed that's made, clean clothes, clean camper, clean girlfriend, pitcher of tea, and a warm dinner :) Then the rest of the day is mine to do whatever I choose. (Today I went to some popular Antique stores, also I'm searching for a POOL :) Sometimes being inside the camper is rather lonely, The Real Housewives can only keep me going for a certain amount of time! So, I've created a "patio" area if you will!
This is where the wine goes down! I sit and wait to see Jeffrey pulling into the campground! Silly I know :) Jeffrey likes the area too! I thought I was doing a great job, rug on clearance, round table that was going to be trashed, foldable chairs $10 each. So, we were "enjoying" the new set up and I asked Jeffrey why he looked so uncomfortable. His reply was simple, in regards to my $10 chairs. He said "Baby, I'm a big boy!" So there went my "good" buy! I'm currently looking for a comfy chair. :(

Ok. I haven't shared my love yet.... That is my love for the supermarket KROGER! I honestly felt as if I were walking down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills! This store was so awesome. Unlike anything I've ever seen! The staff was so friendly as well. Saying "Thank you, and You're Welcome". SIDE NOTE: While being up north, Jeffrey and I make it a competition to see who can say it more as well as to see how people up here react to it, so far, so good! And we haven't gotten the famous question "Where are you guys from?".

I will be visiting Kroger as frequently as possible! For dinner last night (1st dinner I've cooked here) we had Baked Parmesan/Ranch Chicken, zucchini, squash, broccoli, fresh sweet corn on the cob, and potato salad. I baked the chicken on the Foreman, vegetables in the oven,corn on the stove, and potato salad from the store (my heart melts for potato salad). The camper got really hot and I couldn't keep it cool, so tonight, I'll be doing a one dish meal with the electric skillet. Every day is a guessing game when it comes to their quitting time. Yesterday, dinner was ready at 6pm and they didn't get home till around 7pm. With a one dish dinner, I'm gonna start it when he gets home. Weston joined us for dinner last night, I don't care much for having lots of left overs, so the more the merrier. And it makes me feel good to have a good meal ready!

I'm leaving you with a few pics, Enjoy :)

This is somewhat of a view of the campground. It's still a work in progress, but it'll do :) The owners broke ground on May 1st and our half is completed, and a majority of it is in use :) Everyone we've met has been very kind. Except for our neighbor. He has a loud truck and gets in late at night :) Lol, it's just Weston!

This is a beautiful view of the back side of the campground. God sure has blessed us with a beautiful country, but there's no place like Tennessee :)
I'm going to confess, I have an obsession. With ice cream. Not just any kind. VANILLA! Largest cone the DQ has to offer! My treat for being a good girlfriend! haha!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Celebrating Independence Day!

July 4, 2012

Today was a day of rest for Jeffrey. He slept in late and enjoyed the relaxing day! Jeffrey helped Weston get his camper set up and ready and I washed his sheets!! The washer and dryer we have in the camper is pretty handy. Jeffrey had it arranged that his 4 wheeler be brought up here from PA. A few of his friends from up there brought it down. They were visiting a friend down here anyway, so it was convenient for them to stop on by. We enjoyed time with them and then we headed to Wheeling, WV to Cabela's! I would never admit this to Jeffrey or any other avid Cabela's lover.... but, BassPro is very similar! Except for the Deer Room! J was so excited to show me this room. He ensured that when I saw it, I'd poop my pants! LOL. Well, I was thrilled and excited to see it, but I wasn't that shocked! :)

Jeffrey outside Cabela's

Jamie outside Cabela's

We are entering "Whitetail World"!!

Inside Whitetail World, were state and world record deer. Jeffrey and I decided that the racks on the deer were probably molded and recreated. Regardless of how they were presented, it was a beautiful sight to see! This is what makes it "better" than BassPro! The deer pictured was a West Virgina record deer!
Lining both sides of the wall, were the Trophy Deer. These were enormous deer! Incredible stories about the hunters were listed below. The  deer J was reading about was a deer that was shot on Halloween in the 60's. I learned that there are 2 types of antlers: Typical (all antlers pointing up) and Non-Typical (antlers point up and some pointing down).

Me infront of one amazing exhibit!

Every good day ends with a tasty dinner! Instead of waiting at Cheddar's I suggested Sushi at a local Japanese Steakhouse! Sushi isn't my thing, but I do enjoy some fried rice and Hibachi Chicken. I'm not going into detail about dinner. I didn't order the right thing and well, I wasn't happy. I behaved myself and thankfully Jeffrey had his meal complete before I got mine :) Here are a few pics of J and his yummy dinner :)

Patiently waiting!!! Chop sticks in hand!!! He says the chopsticks make him eat slower :) He's the sweetest thing, EVER!

 Beautiful food! Very colorful!
He got a flower! Not, it's just a raddish!